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He is a lifelong Kentuckian who runs his own business that lobbies on behalf of activist change, he said.

Short said he envisions a campaign that can bring some of Sanders’ ideas to fruition, and was spurred to run in part because of Guthrie’s attacks on the ACA.

“I definitely think some of the problems of the ACA are in fact some of the gaps it leaves,” he said.

Short said it struck him the wrong way to see Guthrie celebrating a vote for the straight repeal of the ACA, which he said is not only a source of many jobs in the commonwealth but also a lifeline for many Kentuckians.

“It was a travesty (to) kick the can down the road” without a replacement, he said, adding that it’s frustrating to see people using online crowdfunding “to try to raise funds for chemotherapy.”

Short also said “Republicans have failed to get even basic things done” in Washington, despite controlling Congress and the presidency.

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